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Enter your 12 Digit Yamato Tracking Number


For Ex: Enter in the format 123456789101 etc found on your YAMATO confirmation receipt as below sample

yamato confirmation receipt

How to Identify my YAMATO Shipment Number?

YAMATO Consignment number is a 12 digit numerical number which is generally found on the Top Right corner of your consignment just below the barcode.

Below are the status explanations for various YAMATO Shipments
Departure ScanParcel pickedup and ready to be delivered
Request Accepted (alternate delivery schedule arrangement)

Parcel delivered on rescheduled requested date

Request Accepted (pick up at Yamato’s location)

Parcel delivered to shipment office.

In transitOn way to Sales office
Arrival ScanArrived at Sales Office
Out for DeliveryThe parcel is being delivered to its destination.
DeliveredFor shipping in Japan

Delivery has been completed.


Hold at Yamato (pickup at Yamato’s office)Hold at Yamato sales office, Go and collect
Hold at Yamato (Consignee Not Available)Returned back to sales office, Receipient not available
Under Invetigation (Address Unknown)Wrong destination address. Call yamato customer care 0120-17-9625
ReturnedReturned to sender
Incorrect Tracking NumberThe tracking number is incorrect.
Please check the tracking number and try again.
Tracking Number Not RegisteredThe shipping status cannot be checked as the tracking number has not been registered.
Please check and try again later


Still Facing Issues?

Need Support? Contact YAMATO CUSTOMER CARE 0120-17-9625 TOLL FREE!

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